It is always an honor to help a family adopt a child.  We understand the entire adoption process can be complicated and frustrating, and we are committed to helping you understand every option.  Adopting a child should be one of the most exciting times of your life!  The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jacoby & Jacoby can assist with any adoption, whether it is open, closed, domestic, international or stepparent adoption.

Stepparent Adoptions
A stepparent adoption is when a stepparent adopts the child of his or her spouse.  This type of adoption will send a message to the child that he or she is loved and wanted, and their family is now united.  If the biological parent of the child abandoned the child or passed away, a stepparent adoption also can provide a legal parent for the child.  With the adoption of a stepchild, medical coverage is also legally provided and it will provide many tax advantages.  If you are considering adopting your stepchild, contact the Law Offices of Jacoby & Jacoby for a free initial consultation.

The processes of a domestic and international adoption are very different and parents who are thinking about adopting should consider the issues involved with both when deciding which is best for them.  Here is a brief overview:

Domestic Adoptions
In a domestic adoption, it is possible to adopt a newborn baby. Adoptive parents can have some degree of contact with the birth mother and often birth father during the pregnancy. They can obtain background information and medical histories about the birth parents and can arrange for the birth mother to receive pre-natal care during her pregnancy. Most often, the adoptive parents take custody of the child just after the birth, often directly upon the discharge of the child from the hospital. The big disadvantage in a domestic adoption is that a birth mother can change her mind and not place the baby for adoption for a limited period of time after giving birth.

International Adoptions
The process of an international adoption can take up to 4 months from the baby’s birth, making it nearly impossible to get a newborn.  It is common for the adoption agency or individual to require you and your spouse to visit the home country up to four times, sometimes requiring you to stay for 3-4 weeks to legally adopt the baby. You need to factor in the cost of travel, lodging, food as well as the time away from work when deciding on an international adoption.

There are benefits to having a lawyer in an adoption.
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