CPS (Child Protective Services)

Raising your kids is the most important, yet subjective job one can have. What may seem like perfectly normal and acceptable behavior to one set of parents may seem strange or even illegal to someone else. Anyone from a neighbor, a teacher, a police officer, or even a therapist can accuse you of child abuse or child neglect.  The law says that the person reporting the abuse does not need to be certain, just have “reasonable cause to suspect” that the child is being mistreated.  If child protection workers believe the accusation is credible, the charges will be investigated within 24 hours.  On Long Island, cases of suspected child abuse or neglect are reported to Child Protective Services (or CPS).

If the CPS or ACS accuses you of child abuse or neglect, it is important you speak to an experienced attorney who can explain all your rights and take immediate action to protect your family.   An investigation by Child Protective Services can cause drastic changes in your life. Your child may be placed in protective custody. You may be denied custody or visitation. You may even face criminal charges.

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