Father’s Rights

Many people underestimate the importance of fathers’ relationships with their children. Mothers’ rights often overshadow fathers’ rights, and dads can be left struggling to protect themselves. Fathers who have gone through divorce as well as those who have never been married do have rights and obligations with their children. Nothing should interfere with your ability to spend meaningful time with your children and protect them.  Below are some of the most common issues that Long Island Dads are facing in custody cases:

  • Parental Alienation – If you are being purposely excluded from your child’s life, we will take legal actions to reinforce your parental rights. A major problem many fathers face during a child custody dispute is parental alienation. This parent is often left isolated from spending quality time with his child. In addition, the parent is not able to contribute to the decision – making regarding the child’s day to day activities. Often the father feels that he is the victim of a campaign against him by the mother to alienate his child from him.
  • Child Support Issues– Many fathers pay significant child support each month and are still not able to spend time with their children. We can assist you to work out a support order that represents your real situation.
  • Relocation– If the mother of your child wants to relocate to a new state, they will need a court order.  We can put up a strong fight to keep your children in the same area as you.
  • Denial of Visitation– Child custody orders are designed to grant both parents time with their children. If the mother of your child is refusing you visitation, we can help.
  • Paternity Disputes – It is often hard for fathers to prove their paternity. We can help you finally establish your rights as a father.

Together we can protect your relationship with your children. Contact a Long Island Father’s Rights lawyer today. If your ex-wife is refusing to let you see your kids, you are fighting to prove paternity or your rights as a parent are being violated in any way, call us or contact us online.  One of the attorneys at Jacoby & Jacoby will meet with you at any of our four convenient Long Island locations for a free consultation.

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