Mother’s Rights

Many of the issues that arise between parents in a custody case revolve around money.  Traditionally, fathers have been the breadwinners, causing mothers to worry about losing their children to the parent who had more money.  Lately, more Dads are staying home with the kids while the Moms go to a full-time job.  The Law Offices of Jacoby & Jacoby encourage fairness in the divorce and custody process.

When Dad is the Breadwinner
Mothers without a full-time job who are the caretakers of the children can be bullied by the financially superior parent to give up rights to their kids.  Occasionally, a father will seek primary custody of the children so that he can negotiate for more of the property. For example, he will offer to withdraw his request for primary custody if wife agrees not to seek any portion of his retirement.  A mother’s rights should not be denied just because the opposing party has more money at their disposal. When a mother is in a financially inferior position, it is important to establish and preserve her rights as soon as possible.

When Mom is the Breadwinner
When dad is a work-at-home father or has great flexibility in his schedule, the situation will tend to be looked at a lot more carefully. When dad has been the primary caregiver and mom the ‘breadwinner’ it is possible that mom’s primary custodial position traditionally established may be in question.  The child’s age is always important in a custody case.

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