Dear Kerri and Ken,
Thank you for all that you’ve done on this case.  I think you are a great team when it comes to getting things done.
Donna and Family

Dear Mr. Jacoby, and the Staff at Jacoby & Jacoby:
Thank you for your hard work!
Donna Marie C.

Dear Kerri,
Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance, also for your gentle manner and willingness to allow fairness to all of us.  Everything was much appreciated.
Thanks again,

To Jacoby & Jacoby:
Thank you so much for everything.  You did a great job!

To All:
We truly thank God for the gift of you! Gratitude right from the heart for all you’ve done for our family!
Name Withheld

To All:
Thank you all for your hard work. Thank you for your hard work at the Mediation.  I appreciate everything you did for me.  I’ll put a good word around for you.
Thank you again,
Linda S.

Dear Kerri,
Thank you for all your professionalism and hard work.  I appreciate it!
Ann Marie

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